Monday, May 18, 2009

Winner: The Ruins of California by Martha Sherrill

I appreciated hearing from you all about your growing moments (or the fact that you still are having them). It's important to learn who we are and where we fit into the bigger picture. We are not completely solo beings, we have a place somewhere and there are moments that may seem significant or may not that force you to look at the bigger picture. These moments are so defining.

Beth won the first giveaway here at Book Giveaways! She shares:

My coming of age was when I got married too young at the age of 18. It really make me grow up and realize that I had make a BIG mistake! I guess it was all a part of growing up and it eventually made me a better person even if I didn't realize it at the time. I am remarried now to a wonderful man and much more mature!

Defining moments and coming of age is great. We all make mistakes, but it's learning from those mistakes that makes it worth it. It's maturing and learning, that's what I think life is about.

Anyway, I'll be emailing Beth shortly for her address so the first prize can be sent off. I'm currently reading another book right now and as soon as I'm done with it, you know where it will be posted!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Giveaway: The Ruins of California by Martha Sherrill

For the Ruin family in 1970s California, as described by the precocious young Inez, life in complex. Her father, Paul, is self-obsessed, intrusive, and brilliant. He's also twice divorced, leaving Inez to bounce between two worlds, embracing neither - that of Paul's bohemian life in San Francisco and the more sedate world of her mother, Connie, who plays tennis and attends est seminars in the suburbs. As Inez progresses through high school we are witness to a remarkable family saga that renders a strange and fascinating slice of America in transition - one like the Ruins of California themselves, at once bold and innocent, creative and chaotic, obsessed and liberating.

More than anything I found this to be a book about coming of age and discovering who you are in regards to everyone else in your life, in comparison to your family and friends and all of your surroundings. Inez struggles because she has the forces between two worlds trying to determine who she is and what she is. This is the story of her figuring it out - who is she? How does she do that?

For a chance to win this book comment with the following:
- Your name
- Your email so I can contact you if you won
- A short memory about your own coming of age. What stood in the way? How did you figure out who you were? Or do you still not know?

If you fail to provide this information you will not be entered for the drawing.

For a second chance to win, blog about this giveaway and this blog! Leave a link along with your email address for another chance to be entered.

Entries must be in by Monday May 18th at 12:30AM to be counted!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Does it seem more than insane that all I want to do is give my books away? Well, it probably is.

I want to share and I think books are incredibly too expensive! So every time I read a book I'm going to make a post about it, with a brief summary and brief reflection on the story. Then I'm going to leave a question, something for you to ponder and to answer, relating to something in the story.

One person who comments on the post will receive that book.

And here we go!